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Tweet Tweet! Introducing nature to our gardens

19 May 2016

Over the last couple of weeks, we have been trying to introduce nature to the Willowbrook gardens. Our gardens look pretty with all types of unique colourful flowers but seeing local wildlife has its perks too.

Some of the residents at Willowbrook have been making bird balls and filling up bird feed holders. They made these feed balls out of things as simple as lard, seeds and honey! It was a fun task but of course little bit messy too!

The bird feed holders can be easily seen hanging outside the pavilion and you are more than welcome to sit in the pavilion, put some music on and see if you can spot some of our feathered friends. You can also see if you can take a picture.

If you would like to make some bird balls or go and spot some critters ask one of the members of staff and they get you what you need.